Bonding Pastes

Formulated with highly selected raw materials, they are normally used in the composites industry where a strong bonding between fiberglass parts or core materials is needed together with a low shrinkage.
The formulations are based on a range of unsaturated polyester resins in styrene, chosen according to the final application of the bonding paste: wetting properties, strong adhesion to fibres or reinforcements, mechanical properties, water resistance, chemical resistance.
They are supplied already pre accelerated and they only have to be catalysed using standard peroxides. Gel time is normally tailored on the customers’ needs or according to climate conditions. Most of them are formulated with a viracolour additive that allows the visual check of the presence of the peroxide and its even dispersion.




Bonder leggero per incollaggio espansi


Adesivo con fibra 3mm per settore nautico


Adesivo con fibra organica

3S2049W (U)



Adesivo con fibra 3mm


Chimico resistente rinforzato con vetro C


Adesivo con fibra macinata


Riparazione stampi in poliestere