Pigment Pastes

Pigment pastes are colours in liquid form obtained through a grinding process of a powder (pigment) into a carrier (resin).

They are used to colour both resins and coatings. italbeit has been producing high quality pigment pastes for the last 60 plus years and it is worldwide known as a quality leader in this specific industry.

Our pigment pastes are formulated with highly selected pigments, all absolutely not hazardous, and grinding carriers chosen for their performances, compatibility and wetting power.

Each line of pigment pastes is available in a wide range of colours and for each of them we developed a dedicated tinting system.

Our technicians will be pleased to help you in selecting the right product for your application or for whatever need in colour matching.


solvent free for unsaturated polyester

Tintobeit 4

solvent free for bi-component systems

Tintobeit 0

zero VOC for water based systems


pearlescent pigment pastes

Tintobeit 9

solvent free for thermoset resins

Tintobeit 8

solvent based for wood and industrial coatings


fluorescent pigment pastes